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Below are some of the most common search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing related questions (and our answers to them) that we have commonly gotten over the years . . .

Q:  What is SEO?

A:  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it is found by search engines and recognized for the subject or topics that it covers. Each time web surfers search for the subject or topic that the website discusses, search engines present a listing of relevant sites for the surfer to choose from. SEO helps a website stand out in such listings called SERP, or search engine results page.


Q:  Why is SEO Important?

A:  SEO is important for several reasons. Without optimizing a website, it will not appear in search engine listings, let alone appear high in the rankings so that it gets the best chance of being clicked on by a web surfer. It is important to rank high on search engine search results because this is how most people search for information these days. Just ask yourself – who do you turn to when you need information? Isn’t it either Google, Yahoo or Bing? In the same way, visitors who find your website through search engines are looking for what you have to offer, and are therefore your potential clients and customers. Search engines are the best resource of highly targeted traffic that is already warmed up to purchase what you are selling. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this traffic.


Q:  What Can SEO Do for My Website?

A:  SEO helps index, or include your website in search engine libraries so that it shows up when web surfers search for it. Given the hundreds of millions of websites online, without SEO, your website will be lost in cyberspace. SEO will also help you outrank your competitors’ websites if done correctly. In fact, this is the main reason SEO companies are hired by businesses and professionals.


Q:  How and Why Does SEO Work?

A:  SEO works because everything on the Internet is driven by keywords. By targeting specific keywords in a very specific way, you are giving the search engines what they are looking for. SEO particularly works very well because majority of the websites on the Internet do not know what SEO is or how to execute it properly. Therefore executing even the most basic level of SEO on your website can give you a significant advantage over your competition.


Q:  How Much Does SEO Cost?

A:  SEO costs can vary across a wide range. While larger firms charge much more, smaller remote firms like ours can execute SEO services for your business for much less. At the end of the day, the price will depend mainly on what specific tasks are conducted based on your goals and objectives. We highly recommend an initial discussion to determine the best customized solution for your business.


Q:  Can My Web Developer or Designer Do SEO?

A:  Maybe or maybe not. Most web developers are very good at what they do, which is designing and developing websites. Unfortunately, many of them do not know how to optimize a website. SEO is a completely different skill set that is independent from programming skills. Most of our clients already have a website developed by their developers. They come to us to optimize and market their websites on the Internet.


Q:  Is SEO a One Time Thing or Ongoing?

A:  SEO is both an initial and an ongoing process. That said, it can only be a one-time process if you’d like it to be. If your website is not in a highly competitive industry or niche, basic SEO execution will usually do the trick. However, ongoing efforts are necessary as your industry gets saturated in order to “beat the competition”.
It takes a while to get a website on the top of search engine rankings, and it takes some ongoing work to keep it there and prevent your competition from knocking it out of the first spot!


Q:  How Long Does It Take to See The Benefits of SEO?

A:  We have seen benefits in as less as three months, as well as in as much as eleven months. The timeline within which SEO efforts pay off vary mainly on the industry you are in and the relative competition in that industry. In addition, the time it takes also depends on the keywords you target and how competitive those keywords are. For example, it can take a while to rank on page one for a keyword like “make money online” or “weight loss”. While we cannot guarantee the timeline within which you will see results, we CAN GUARANTEE that YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!


Q:  Why Aren’t Most Websites Properly Optimized?

A:  To properly optimize a website, one must know how to first. Although SEO has been around for a long time, it has only recently received the exposure it requires. Businesses and professionals are realizing more than ever that a strong Internet presence is no longer an option, rather a requirement to survive and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Businesses that ignore SEO never get found online and therefore don’t realize its benefits. Those that do are enjoying increased traffic, increased revenues and an overall increase in ROI.


Q:  Can You Guarantee Me Results?

A:  Of course we can. We can guarantee that you will see results from SEO initiatives. Can we guarantee a specific result? No. No SEO company in the world can guarantee you anything. There are too many factors involved in the process are beyond anyone’s control. Search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms to determine which websites they should serve to web surfers. There are literally millions of new websites entering and exiting cyberspace each year.


Q:  What Keywords Should I Target?

A:  You can target keywords you think are most commonly searched for by your potential clients and customers. However, we recommend researching the keywords that get the most searches (demand) so you can maximize the traffic you can capture with your website. Keywords run the Internet and are the most important component of SEO. The keywords you select and how you use them both within and outside your website determine the effectiveness of your SEO.

One of the most important functions of search engine optimization is the selection and placement of keywords or keyword phrases. Keywords are what describe your site to the search engines. Since search engines review sites primarily by their text content, site rankings are affected by the keywords you choose. Adding keyword captions to pictures and other media like Flash will optimize graphic content. Click here to learn about to selecting keywords phrases to target.


Q:  Is My Website Already Optimized?

A:  Chances are No. If it was you’d know about it. Before conducting any work on your behalf, we will thoroughly review your website and provide you with an analysis of where your website stands. We will collectively discuss your website’s current estate and what can / should be done to get it to perform at the level you want it to.


Q:  Can I Execute SEO on My Own?

A:  Sure you can. Anyone can execute SEO providing they have the right knowledge and are equipped with the right tools. Learning the right way to execute SEO and then do actually execute it takes a long time to learn and master. However if you’d like to attempt it yourself, we have put together a DIY SEO guide that can walk you through the process in an easy, step by step manner. You can access the guide here.


Q:  Can You Help with Copyrighting?

A:  Yes, we can help you with your web copy that is optimized both for your human readers as well as the search engine robots.


Q:  Do You Have Clients Outside of Dallas Texas?

A:  Of course we do. In fact we have clients in several countries. We were founded in Dallas, Texas, but we travel the world to serve clients all over the place. That said, a good number of clients are in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.


Q:  Do I Have to Sign a Long Term Contract?

A:  Not at All. You only pay for services you want, and you may end our relationship at any time. Many clients stop our services for a few months and start it back up again. Others stop and never restart. Then there are those who we help on an ongoing basis. There are websites we’ve helped reach Page One years ago which are still holding their top ranks today without much continuation on our part. That said, the Internet is a dynamic place that is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to have the right SEO partner by your side who is always at the forefront of new technology and developments so as to help you when in need. We are happy to be both your consultative and tactical partner.


The Dallas SEO Experts is a team of SEO Professionals who provide a full range of SEO and Internet Marketing services to companies and professionals of all sizes in all industries. We will help you increase your website ranking in search engines that will drive more customer and client leads to your business. Don’t miss the tremendous opportunities made possible by the Internet today.

Whether you already have a web presence or are just starting out, the Dallas SEO Experts can help regardless of your size, location or industry. Contact Us and let us show you how you can dominate the search engines and drive more business from the Internet.



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