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Subject Website:  The Dubai Information WebSite

The Dubai Information Site is a travel and tourism website covering the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.  When we began optimizing and marketing the website, it was nowhere to be found for some of its main keywords such as “Dubai City Information”, “Dubai Information”, “Dubai City Guide”, “Information on Dubai”, “Information About Dubai”, etc.

Fast forward twenty-four months (24), the website appears on Page One of search engines for all its main keywords and many more.  As of this case study, the site ranks on Page One of search engines for over One Hundred (100) different search terms, and is found on the internet for over six thousand (6,000) terms.  You read that right!

Here is a traffic chart showing how the website’s traffic trended during the timeframe we worked on it:

Site Traffic

The X axis represents each day over time. The Y axis represents the number of unique visitors per day.  Initial traffic was in the 400 visitors per day range when we started work on this website, with traffic hitting the 3,000 visitors per day mark toward mid June.

Here is a traffic chart showing where most of the website’s visitors come from:

traffic breakdown

Notice that 75% of the site’s visitors are coming directly from search engines? This is free, organic, highly targeted and residual traffic month after month.

This is exactly what you want to aspire to. You want 100% free, organic and residual traffic that is highly targeted. In other words, these people are looking exactly for what you have to offer and that is why they find out to begin with. Our job is to position your website as best we can so you can capture the bulk of this traffic.


Keyword Research – We spent weeks researching and finding thousands of keywords relevant to the site’s industry and incorporated them throughout the website.  Keyword research involved a study of all the top competitor’s in our client’s industry to determine the keywords the competition is using and to assess its viability for our clients.

On Page Optimization – We optimized everything under the sun, from the Meta Tags (source code), to on page content creation visible to the human eyes to each image that is a part of the website and to each and every link on every page.

Website Infrastructure – After conducting keyword research and on page SEO, we revamped the website’s internal structure and designed a blueprint most conducive to ranking higher on search engine search results.

Sitemap Creation & Submission – We created and submitted a sitemap (source file) to over 300 search engines.

Directory Submissions – We initiated website indexing through a directory submission campaign, earning 1,200 high quality back links to the website in under 12 months.

Off Page Internet Marketing – Upon getting the “house in order”, we embarked on an extensive 12 month internet marketing campaign involving the following: Article Marketing, Press Release Marketing, Blog and Forum Marketing, Social Bookmark Marketing and Social Network Marketing.  We started seeing expedited results are traffic had increased almost 250% at this point.  The rest came over time, reaching an overall traffic increase of 475% from the time we started the initiative.

Newsletter Implementation – Through subsequent consulting sessions, we agreed to assist in implementing a newsletter program in order to capture site visitor information.  It’s a shame not to capture your visitor’s email address so that you can communicate with them, build relationships and make sales over time.  The implementation of the newsletter led to just under 4,000 (and growing) subscribers in less than 12 months.  Here is an image of how it looks:

Newsletter and Social Media

Notice we also assisted with the implementation of social marketing capabilities, specifically a Facebook and Twitter company account.

Affiliate Program Implementation – Through subsequent consulting sessions, we also agreed to assist in the implementation of affiliate programs to expand the monetization avenues of our client.  For example, we implemented a hotel reservation module (see below) where visitors can make any hotel booking. 

Each booking benefits our client with a 35% commission on the total price. Similarly, we helped our client implement 14 other monetization methods, thereby increasing overall profitability from their website.  Remember that we are not just technically savvy, but our extensive business backgrounds allow us to assist you with your business strategy.

Affiliate Programs


Average Daily Unique Visitors – 2,200

That translates into 2,200 first time visitors to the website each day.  This is 66,000 new visitors each month, and just under 800,000 visitors per year. 

What can an additional 800,000 new sets of eyes annually do for your business?

Increase in Traffic – 475% Increase in Daily Unique Visitors

Increase in Profits – 357% Increase over an 24 month period

We've got many other cases in store. Just Ask and we would be happy to walk you through previous examples . . .


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